About Us

HOUSEsports was started by a group of driven young African-American men at Morehouse College. All members of the HOUSEsports team have something special that they contribute. By syncing their knowledge from their respective disciplines, and adding the talents of young men and women from Morehouse, Spelman College and Clark Atlanta University, we have created a sports revolution that will change the way fans view the realm of sports.

 John SmithCo-Founder and President of HOUSEsports. Originally from Mobile, Alabama, John is a senior English major aspiring to be a sports journalist and entrepreneur. John, alongside classmate Devin Emory, helped establish HOUSEsports as the official organization of the Journalism and Sports Program at Morehouse College.


Devin Emory, Co-Founder and Vice-President of HOUSEsports. Devin is a senior African-American Studies major from Memphis, Tennessee. Along with partner John Smith, Devin helped establish HOUSEsports as an official student organization at Morehouse that covers Atlanta University Center sports.



For all members of the HOUSEsports Team, visit   http://housesportsstaff.wordpress.com/

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